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Release DateJanuary 24th, 2025
Featured NationsDark States
Card Types20 Types (14 New cards + 6 Reissue cards)
Others1 Deckset contains:
・1 Pre-constructed Deck (55 Cards + 10 Cards) [G Deck: 8 Cards, Crest: 2 Cards]
※All new cards (excluding G unit cards) in "Stride Deckset -Harri- PREMIUM" will have RRR treatment. All G unit cards in "Stride Deckset -Harri- PREMIUM" will have SP treatment. 1 Crest card will have RRR treatment, and 1 will have SP treatment.
・1 Large Storage Box
・1 Rubber Playmat
・5 Special Card Loaders
・1 Premium Deck Holder
・1 Pack of Sleeves (53 Pieces)
・1 Sheet of Fighter's Coin (Cardboard)
・1 Energy Counter

DZ-SS02 PREMIUM Stride Deckset Harri SEALED CASE

$599.99 Regular Price
$519.99Sale Price
Only 6 left in stock
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